Just to confirm what you already knew, the Korean Twittersphere exploded with the news of Osama bin Laden’s death. The news broke here around lunchtime yesterday, triggering 2,794 related tweets and 397 related blog posts.

Of those, 74.3% had mean and nasty things to say about the man, 20.2% could be considered neutral reports and 5.5% were positive, but further investigation reveals that most of those were praising bin Laden’s death, not bin Laden himself.

While this seems like a large online response, it’s important to look at it in perspective. For example, there were 75,031 Tweets and blog posts about singer Seo Taiji on April 21 when his secret marriage and divorce to actress E Ji-Ah came to light. The rock star may have gotten more unwanted attention than bin Laden – so far at least – but not too worry: only 53.4% of the posts about him were negative.

(The source for all of these graphs and stats is http://www.trendseek.co.kr)

— Update — Wednesday, May 4, 2011 —

Just to update you, I pulled the numbers for the original article before the “day” officially ended. By the end of the day, posts about Osama bin Laden were up to 8,654 (7,616 on Twitter and 1,038 on blogs). That’s still only 11% as many posts as Seo Taiji’s one-day high.

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