Every once in a while, we publish the top 5 iOS (free & paid), Android (free & paid) and Cyworld apps in Korea.

Since the beginning of November, there has been a large shake up in the rankings. Previously, the Korean government required all games to submit their games for ratings board approvals. While local game publishers went through the process of getting their games approved and published in the Entertainment categories, large foreign publishers such as EA or Rovio did not bother do go through this approval process. The Korean government changed their stance in the beginning of November and games were opened up to the Korean market. Games, many of which are created by foreign publishers, now dominate the rankings in Korea.

Top 5 Paid iOS Apps

1. Dead Space, $0.99

2. Angry Birds, $0.99

3. 비밀 사진촬영 (Secret Camera), $0.99

4. FIFA 12, $2.99

5. 아스팔트6 아드레날린 (Asphalt 6 Adrenaline), $0.99

Top 5 Free iOS Apps

1. 메이플스토리 시그너스기사단 (Maple Story )

2. FIFA Superstars

3. 도둑 루팡 (Lupin Thief)

4. 영화속명대사 (Famous Lines from Movies)

5. 데이트엔 (Date&)

Top 5 Paid Android Apps

1. Talking Tom Cat 2 – 1076 won

2. PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker – 5252 won

3. kakaotalk Alarm Bundle – 1900 won

4. iPhone Go launcher theme – 1800 won

5. 갑자기말되는영어 문법세상 (English That Makes Sense All of a Sudden) – 1000 won

Top 5 Free Android Apps

1. 필수어플백과사전3 (무료게임, 폰꾸미기) (Must Have Apps, Free Games, Decoration Apps)

2. KakaoTalk Messenger

3. 갭순이2 (무료 게임 모음) (Game Rankings, Free Game Collection)

4. phone decor collection 2

5. 밸소리천국3 (카카오톡/톡톡음/알람/벨소리) (Ringtone Heaven for Kakao, Tik Tok and Other Uses)

Top 5 Nate/Cyworld Apps

1. 에브리스타 (Every Star)

2. 리조트타운 (Resort Town)

3. 카드삼국지 (Three Kingdoms Cards)

4. 퍼즐사가 (Puzzle Chronicles)

5. 창세기2012 (Genesis 2012)

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