While it is every entrepreneurs dream to turn an idea into reality,  hit 100,000,000 (users or $),  and ultimately change the world, mine is, well…


no different.

To turn that into somewhat a reality, I have been on a learning grind by endlessly asking, listening, and fitting in with the right crowd. I had to switch my language from English to Korean. But I had a great incentive to switch. I went from being restless to becoming more patient and submissive to the people that I wanted to learn from. With that mindset, I am learning to make more sound and calculated decisions on my startup business than feeling rushed and acting callow.

9 months ago, I came to Seoul with nothing. But through my persistence,  I was able to fit into a rich and vibrant community that gave me something. I found Seoul Space. For those of you that don’t know, its the premier incubator in Korea and most important of all, the center for learning for young Korean startups. To continue Seoul Space’s rich culture for learning, I will regularly post for you all to read about running a business from scratch, in the context of an entrepreneurs intimacy and involvement with a technology startup in Korea.

This blog will follow my journey in reaching 100,000,000 and will highlight the critical moments and times between now and then.

Throughout my entrepreneurial quest, I will meet with unending amount of CEO’s of rising to established startups in Seoul to solely learn from their past experiences. The things that I pick up from them will be very valuable, learning from their personal success stories and their many failures on running a technology business.  So I will have a separate column that highlights the interviews to share with all of you, the CEO’s insights and stories on what worked for them and what didn’t work.

By reading and following my entries, I hope you all can benefit on on my personal strife as being a young entrepreneur that is trying to change the world.

The goal –> 100,000,000.



Right now –> 0

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