Hangame and Innospark, a new company formed by the developers of “Rule The Sky” have formed an alliance to enter the global social game market. NHN Hangame CEO Eunseong Lee and Innospark’s Jaechan Shin and Seongyong Kim announced a contract on the 21st, under which the two companies will work together to publish games for the international and domestic markets.

Innospark got its start in May, when Shin, the developer behind JCE’s Rule the Sky and Kim, former JCE mobile business unit manager, struck out on their own to develop new titles. Hangame, a unit of NHN, got its start in 1999 and is Korea’s largest online game portal. JCE’s  “Rule the Sky” boasts over a million daily users and is predicting 40 billion won in sales this year, so it’s safe to say that we can expect a lot from both Innospark and the new alliance with Hangame.


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