Is Korea the hottest startup ecosystem in the world?  That is a serious question.    We are not talking the best or the biggest….but rather the hottest.  Korea is on fire right now.  Korea has around 20 well established accelerators and over 40 high level Korean investors.  Compare that to even 3 years ago and it is mind blowing.

Why is Korea becoming such a hub for startups?  Look no further than the Korean Government who are going out of their way to help these up and coming startups in Korea.  The support they are showing in Korean startups has never been seen to this point.  They helped provide funds and investments without the startups having to lose any equity which is huge in the early stages of development the main contributor being Tech Incubator Program for Startups (TIPS)

This April Google opened Campus Seoul so young entrepreneurs can come and learn and share new and innovative ideas.  This really started the boom and startup frenzy in Korea.  Seoul is also growing their networking events which are held monthly.  Events held by Startup Alliance and Startup Weekend help connect entrepreneurs with investors and partners.  Add that to Yellow Mobile’s acquisition of over 70 startups, it looks like the arrow is pointing up.

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