Last year Apple introduced 3D Touch also known as “Force Touch” to the iPhone 6S.  This 3D Touch basically gave additional input controls based on the force your put on the screen.  For example a tap on the screen will work as one function while holding down on the screen will work as another function.  This 3D touch ability could have major functions in regards to gameplay and user experience.

Smartphones work because the electrical signals pass through your fingers and on to the screen that has a capacitor that can carry that electrical charge.  The Capacitor sensors are like a grid of dots across the screen that is very sensitive to the slightest electrical output.

3D Touch

HiDeep a Korean startup is looking to bring this 3D Touch technology to Android smartphones sometime this year.  HiDeep’s 3D Touch is known as Aulu Z.  It uses the same technology of the iPhone 6S 3D technology of measuring the distance between the glass and the surface of the touch screen with electrical capacitors.  Korean smartphone companies like Samsung and LG need to always be up to date and this new 3D technology that HiDeep has to offer could be something new to offer the Korean market.  The possibilities of this technology are endless and it will be interesting to see how Samsung and even Apple integrates this 3D Touch function because whoever does it best will be the leader in smartphones for years to come.

3D Touch

3D Touch is the next step in the smartphone evolution and those that don’t have this 3D Touch function will be left behind in the dust.  Many feel Apple might have something to say about their patent being infringed upon but this Apple vs Samsung Patent battle has been going on for years and nothing will change that.  Look for 3D Touch to be on most Android phones coming out in 2016.







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