Korean startups have been very successful in Korea and more and more investors and accelerators are looking for strong IT companies to invest in.  However Korean startups have had trouble gaining traction in the global market.  Whether it has to do with language or lack of a global infrastructure or platform, Korean Startups are behind when it comes to taking their product/services global.

Amazon one of the biggest e-commerce global IT leaders is looking to support Korean startups through their AWS (Amazon Web Services).  This can help Korean startups expand their business globally which has been a major problem for many Korean startups.  They also provide web based training and mentoring services.  There have been a few Korean startups that have already taken advantage of this service.  Job Planet for example have been using AWS for some time now and have gotten great success.

Microsoft have been in partnership with Innovation Centers across the world that help house startups.

facebook Startup

Amazon and Microsoft are not alone in their efforts to help new Korean business succeed.  Facebook is expecting to launch their global SNS platform that can help Korean startups expand abroad.  They are also looking to help mobile app developers with their FB Start, which is a startup program.  These app developers will be able to access Facebook’s development tools and services for free as well as get consultation.

Even Google has a Google’s Campus Seoul that is acting as a startup hub in Korea.  These big global IT companies are looking to help startups in global marketing and platforms which will hopefully lead to innovation and creativity.

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