Koreans love their gaming.  You can’t go a few blocks in Seoul without seeing a PC Bang (Internet Gaming Cafe).  Now Korean game companies are heading to North America to the GCA (Games Connection America) held in San Francisco on March 14th to the 16th.  This is a huge way to get some exposure for these Korean gaming companies that struggle to get their product out globally.

Game Connection America

This trip is being made possible by the GCCEI (Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy and Innovation), Gyeonggi Content Agency, and KOTRA.  They have rented out a space at GCA which features a large exhibition hall for the Korean game companies to show their products.  This is open a huge market for the companies as most of their sales are to Koreans at home.  That is a very small market compared to what North America or even Europe.  It is hard to break into the North American gaming market as Korean game developers were only able to about 15% of total domestic revenue to the overall game market.

GCA 2016

How many Korean companies will be headed to San Francisco?  20!  20 Korean game companies thanks to agencies like GCCEI, GCA, and KOTRA will get to have some exposure to local distributors in North America.  Some of these Korean gaming companies include Danuon, Attocube, Five Star Games, Maniamind, and Madorca.  This will be a great way for these companies to form partnerships, share ideas, and have business meetings.  Now the problem for Korean companies has always been the language barrier.  The three agencies have solved that problem as they have hired many translators that will help these companies communicate.

Game Connection Sweden

The GCA is a huge deal in the gaming industry.  Everyone is looking to find new and innovative games that the public has not seen yet.  This is the perfect opportunity for Korean gaming companies to make an imprint.  Last year alone there were over 1,500 gaming companies from all over the world that went to the GCA 2015.  Look for that number to surpass 2,000 this year.  Which means even more opportunities for Korean startup gaming companies to find potential VCs, buyers, and distributors.  Hopefully a handful of Korean gaming startups can become a huge success in America as well as the global market.




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    You wrote a cool article about our event last year. I wanted to touch base with you by email.

    Thanks a lot!

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      Sure, what company do you represent? You can contact me at my gmail account for a quicker reply. jswy315@gmail.com

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