The Viva Technology Paris is the place to be for any startup in the digital technology industry.  There will be over 5,000 startups at the event and this will be the perfect opportunity for Korean startups to get global exposure.  There will be thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and potential global partners.  From June 30th – July 2nd this event in Paris will be a great opportunity for Korean startups to meet the important players in the tech startup field.

The event is being run by Publicis Groupe (a French multinational advertising and public relations company) and Groupe Les Echos (a leading French media group).  Their hope is that startups and large corporations can learn from each other and join forces to create new developments and innovations.


Getting global investments can be difficult for Korean startups because they just don’t have the network/connections outside of Korea.  To meet the amount of investors/companies that are going to be at this ONE event in Paris will take a lifetime for these startups.  Now thanks to this event they will now be under one roof.  The support of and investment in startups is key to the creating a innovative ecosystem.  Korean startups need to be apart of this and represent for the Korean tech industry.  However many Korean tech startups in Korea are hesitant to go to the event this year due to travel expenses and lack of experience dealing with foreign companies.

We here at Seoul Space feel that the opportunities for collaboration between large global corporations and Korean startups is too huge to pass up.  The Paris Expo Hall which the event will be held is huge and it is packed with tech startups and large corporations.  Here are some details about the venue itself.


  • 20 specialized labs used as meeting hubs for discussion and collaboration between leading companies, startups, investors, and academics across a wide range of sectors.
  • 24 plenary sessions about technology and business.
  • 180 specialized conferences about cutting edge startups and leading companies.
  • Key speeches from prominent CEOs and world renowned personalities.
  • 50 creative firms will showcase their latest innovations.



To sign up just go to

Lastly, Viva Technology Paris will be open to the general public on July 2, 2016.

This event will welcome the largest number of startups in the most extensive community of innovation in the world.  For Korea which is considered one of the top hubs for tech startups to not be represented would be a shame and a step in the wrong direction.

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