ZIGZAG is an App that has a compilation of female online shopping malls. Recently they announced an investment of 3 billion won from Altos Ventures, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley.

This is much more than most startups get in the first round where the average tends to be about 1 billion won ($1 million). So therefore this is considered a large scale investment. 

Zigzag provides a place for all women malls to gather in one place. The App offers store ranking information, products integrated searches, and list of “favorites”. It is a mobile app that helps consumers find clothes to fit your style more easily.

Zigzag has been a huge success in Korea, they already have over 100 million users in 10 months since their launch. They have generated 10 billion won a month during that span.   

 Altos VenturesAltos Ventures is a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley and they have had success with other Korean startups, they were early investors in a Korean startup called ‘Coupang‘, ‘peoples of delivery’

zigzag_Altos Ventures

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