Hello Tomorrow Challenge a global non profit organization is looking for the most promising startups in the science and tech industry in their third annual Science and Tech startup competition in Paris.  This is a call to all science/tech startups and would be a great chance for startups in Korea to get exclusive connections with top seed investors like Accel, Index, Ycombinator, and Flagship.  They will also be able to find global partners and get global media coverage.  There is up to 250,000 dollars in prize money up for grabs!  The competition’s goal is to find startups that can solve the world’s pressing issues.  So far they have raised more than $90 million for 57 startups.

Registration will start on April 19th and end on June 17th so there is enough time to register.  Startups can apply here for free.  The finals will be held on October 13th-14th.  If chosen they will receive two tickets to Paris to give their pitch at the summit.


There are 10 different tracks this year: Air Quality, Healthcare, Beauty & Wellbeing, Transportation & Mobility, Energy,Food & Agriculture, Data, Waste & Water, Aeronautics, and Industry 4.0.The selection will occur in 3 distinctive phases. Applicants will be informed of the progress at each phase.

(I) Continental selection – The Hello Tomorrow judging committee will select the top 10 applications per track on each continent (Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and North & Central America) based on the quality of their online application. This will result in 100 applications per continent, which will then be compiled into our Continental Ranking of the Top 500 Startups.
(II) Global Top 100 – From the pool of the Top 500 Startups, our partners and the Hello Tomorrow judging committee will select the Top 100 startups worldwide (10 per track) of the competition.
(III) Track finalists and grand winner – Top 100 will be invited to the Hello Tomorrow Summit in Paris, of which a selection will get to pitch before the judging committee. The judging committee will then select the track finalists and the grand winner.

So who can apply?  The competition is for early stage startups or non-incorporated projects that use innovative technology to make usable products, services, or platforms.  They need to have already raised €400K ($450,000) in equity funding. They will also need to have a POC, prototype or a scientific validation of their claim. Projects don’t have to be incorporated to apply to the competition but they should have clear development plans and goals. In case a non-incorporated project wins the competition, no funds will be transferred until the company is incorporated.


Startups will have a chance to get free funding:  There is a grand prize of 100,000 euros and 15,000 euros for each finalist.  All finalists will be able to pitch in front of leading executives and investors.  They will also receive maximum exposure through international media coverage and be a part of Hello Tomorrow’s global rankings for early stage startups.  Top ranked startups will also receive 2 tickets to Hello Tomorrow’s invite only Summit in Paris to meet to leaders in the startup industry from investors to executives.

So how will the startups be judged?

The applications will be judged according to the following criteria:
+ Technological innovation: The project must develop a product/service based on a new technology or an innovative application of an existing technology.
+ Potential impact: The project must have the potential to make a substantial long-term impact on business and/or society.
+ Leadership and team: The team must exhibit visionary leadership with the capabilities to drive the project towards success.
+ Economic viability: The project should have well-formulated plans for developments and goals, and a sustainable business model.

During the Grand Finale, the Hello Tomorrow Challenge judging committee will rate and select projects based on the quality of the pitch and the complementary information provided by the startups after the first selection rounds (1 page summary & pitch deck).

Some of the judges include: 

Francesco De Rubertis of Index Ventures

Isabelle De Cremoux of Seventure Partners

Bruno Dupire of Bloomberg L.P. 

Elsa Keita of Airbus Ventures

Hello Tomorrow was created in 2011 by Xavier Duportet & Arnaud de la Tour and is supported by the French public and private sectors, but remains an independent organization governed by entrepreneurs looking to help startups by rewarding their effects in science and technology. The Hello Tomorrow Summit helps build connections for startups (2,500 attendees from 67 countries in 2015). The Summit is invite-only and the Challenge provides startups and partners an opportunity to be part of a global startup ecosystem.



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