Public and private joint taskforces were launched, and 36 National Core Data, construction, commercial supremacy and etc, were chosen, so that private companies can easily use open data in a variety of ways.

They use to open data based on topics and organizations, but now they have opened them as massive raw-data by categories. They opened the data of 11 categories in 2015, and now a total of 36 will be opened in total till 2017.

Phone contact: 1566-0025 (Working hours: 9am to 6pm on weekdays; Closed on weekends and holidays)

National Core Data

National Core Data

How Data is Supplied and Processed

How Data is Supplied and Processed

The National Information Society Agency(NIA) has been responsible for these ‘Open government data’ and ‘open information utilization of public institutions’.

In the field of ‘Open government data’, Korea received the highest score among the OECD countries.

as a result, Korean start-ups started using this data.

One success story is the navigation app, called ‘Kimgisa‘, Kacao has acquired kimgisa. ‘zigbang‘ got a $32milion investment from Goldman Sachs. In addition, there is the success of a restaurant reservations app called ‘Red Table‘ and a dating app called “date pop”. These are major success stories which used this public data.

In addition, there is a free service for the disabled, called Telecommunication Relay Service. This Center supports in the communication of people with dyslexia or the hearing-impaired person. This is a good example of a personalized service that uses information through their smartphone apps to help those in need.

Around the world, anyone can now access this “’Open government data’ which will lead to private services changing and making the government more transparent to the public.  Having a lot of data open and available to use for public and private businesses and citizens should improve each sector moving forward. It will also upgrade the quality of the open data and create more and more startup opportunities.


Open Data Use Cases

Education (45), Land (32), Administration (41), Finance (23), Industry&Employment (81), Welfare (23), Food&Health (10), Culture&Tour (214), Medicine (67), Safety (11), Transportation (114), Environment&Weather (90), Science&Research (38), Agriculture (33), Diplomacy (2), Law (6)

Open Data Use Cases

Gov nits (GoVR) 

Introduction It is 360 degree VR image platform app service. It provides as the virtual reality) (VR) to experience the national main tourist resort.

Purpose of Using Open Data To utilize the Korean tourist information service of the Korea National Tourism Corporation and provide the whole country information about cultural resorts via a video.

Service Release Date 2015-10-19


Ready to fly

Introduction The nation drone app. It is the app service confirming pre flight drone flight check list.

[main function]                                                                                                       – the user receives current location and public service information of a particular area   – the aviation public service auto-settings are set based on the drone’s weight              – The data offers requirements for flight approval including a flight application form for approval, and etc.

Purpose of Using Open Data Utilize the Bihaengu inverse information of Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport and provide the zone information.

Service Release Date 2015-12-08


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