One of the biggest global leading startup accelerators called Startup Sauna has chosen Korean Startup VITAL SMITH Inc. to be a part of their accelerator program.  VITAL SMITH mades news when it took home first place out of 16 companies during the evaluations by investors at the European Investor Invitation Pitching Event which was hosted by K-ICT Born2Global Center in March.


The accelerator program is an intensive 5 week program that will be held in Helsinki, Finland.  During this time Startup Sauna‘s mentors will help guide the startup in the right direction as well as give guidance in regards to business development and financing.  At the end of the program they will compete with 13 other startups to be crowned the champion.

This is a big opportunity for VITAL SMITH which is a startup that is run by medical specialists.


VITAL SMITH helps commercialize medical ideas through latest technology & design.  Their latest development is a solution that can help infertile women check their ovulation easily by using just their saliva and smartphone application.  In the past a woman would need to give a urine sample for testing.  Now all that is needed is a saliva sample and the results will show up on your smartphone.

Vital Smith collaborates with experts in various areas such as medical, optics, material, mechanical, electronics and works towards bringing to life the ideas of doctors through the use of technology.




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