Salted Ventures is a spinoff startup from Samsung which was part of Creative Labs project.  They have created a unique smart shoe called IoFIT.  It uses pressure sensors and an app that acts as a trainer/coach to help you improve your posture, balance, and even your golf swing.  The sensor in the shoe picks up data and transmits it to the app where the information can be processed and provide users with valuable information in regards to their fitness routine or general balance/posture.


Before people would need to go to a gym or health professional to get a full detailed data analysis of your body, which could be very expensive.  Now people can have something that is not only portable but cheap.  Salted Ventures created a show that had accelerometers and pressure sensors built into the outsoles of the shoes.  Working together, the smart shoe has the ability to measure the users balance, the force of ground contact and the users center of gravity.  The center of gravity is a crucial factor in a person’s golf swing.  The focused on golf because Korean’s love to play golf whether it be outdoor golf or screen golf.  The data that is collected is updated to the app in real time to show a map of the pressure points on the smartphone.


Wearable tech is a hot industry at the moment.  However wearables like smartwatches, fitness trackers like FitBit, and others have limitations.  They track the data but they don’t provide solutions.  This is why IoFIT was such a success at trade shows, the ability to give feedback and advice was a strong point.  It is like having a personal trainer/doctor in your smartphone giving you up to the minute advice on your fitness.   So now users will not only have their own personal data information but also coach that uses this information to help improve ones posture, balance, and performance.  They have a video playback functions where the users can see how they look, how they stand, and how they walk.  Then they can see visual how their posture or stance is affecting their fitness or golf swing.  Now golfers can see on their smartphones where their center of gravity is, and where it should be.


IoFIT also looks stylish.  That is the key to footwear as no one wants to wear a shoe not matter how smart it is if it doesn’t look stylish.  The design of IoFIT is very slick on its own but Salted Ventures is also open to licensing their product to major shoe companies.  This is why they have been trying to get exposure from trade shows like MWC (Mobile World Congress).


IoFIT’s next ideal step would be getting a professional athlete (golfer) to promote their product.  With so many high ranking professional female golfers in Korea, this should not be a major hill to climb.  A deportation of the IoFIT for golfers can be seen in the video below.

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