The Korean action/triller film The Hunt starring Ahn Sung-ki and Cho Jin-woong has made a crowdfunding campaign for their marketing campaign.  You heard that right.  This is not crowdfunding to actually produce the film.  The film has already been made by Korea’s second largest film conglomerate Lotte Entertainment and is being directed by one of the biggest directors in South Korea Kim Han-min, the director of mega-hit Roaring Currents.  Roaring Currents is considered the biggest film ever at the Korean Box Office.  So The Hunt clearly doesn’t need the money for marketing.  So why start the campaign?  This in and of itself is the marketing campaign.  Having investors for the film should in the end draw more attention to the film.

The film itself depicts a fight between a hunter and gold minors over a newly found gold mine.  The hunter risks his life to protect  villagers from strange gold minors coming into their village.


The crowdfunding campaign ended Tuesday, June 14th after reaching their goal of 300 million won.  The studio made “The Hunt Crowdfunding Corporation” with the sole purpose of raising funds for the movie’s marketing costs.  The premiere 2 weeks away and the campaign has already generated a lot of press and buzz which makes us wonder if this form of marketing will be a common theme?  If the The Hunt is a huge success then you can be sure other studios will follow his creative crowdfunding marketing campaign.  Investors will earn a return on their investment if the films hits certain goals.  For example if the film draws 1.8 million viewers then they will get 5.7% of their investment.  Here are the other milestones

2 million = 13.5%

3 million = 51%

4 million = 89.4%

This means that the investors themselves might end up marketing the film themselves so they could get max return on their investment.  This marketing strategy is brilliant on so many levels and the outlook for this film looks very promising.  Watch the trailer below and see for yourself.

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