CEL (Creative economy leader) Demoday/IR was held at the CEL Venture Complex in Seoul as way to bridge the Chinese market to Korean startups.  There has been an increase in the interest in Korean startups by the leading Chinese venture capital firms.  CEL also stands for cultural enrichment leader and the CEL Demoday is a monthly event that is held at the CEL Venture Complex starting from this year and its main goal is to attract investments for startups.


This is a place that offers startups the opportunity to give presentations and pitches to potential investors and VCs.  The most recent event had a large amount of Chinese VCs which was not a surprise.  China has been trying to be at the forefront of the latest technologies/innovations related to IoT, fintech, and bio-tech.  These potential investors from China  like DT Capital Partners which is one of the largest investment firms in China, is a great welcome for the Korean startup community.  This is not their first time looking into Korean startups, DT Capital Partners already has many investments in many startup companies in Korea.  They recently invested $3million for a startup called SmartStudy, which specializes in the fields of MMO games and web services.


A total of 10 startups gave their presentations and pitches and drew a lot of attention from Chinese investors and the crowd at the event.  Some even got direct investments while others got valuable business networking connections.  Many of these Chinese VCs have connections with their local startups which they can introduce to the Korean startups.  As more and more Chinese investments firms start investing in Korean companies, the Korean startup industry will not be falling anytime soon.



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