This summer millions of Seoul residents will be heading to Haeundae beach located in Busan.  It is regarded as the most popular beach in all of Korea.  Everyday there are hundreds of thousands of visitors at the famous beach which could cause problems when it comes to keeping track of small children.  Thousands of children get separated from their parents or lost.  This is why the Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency decided to launch a service called the “Smart Missing Children Prevention Service” starting from July 8th until the end of August which would the peak summer vacation times.


The agency will be offering a free rental service of around 300 wearable devices called “Safety Tags”.  The small and light wearable wristband will be installed with GPS and a Long range communication module which can be synced to a smartphone.  The Safety Tags will monitor a child’s location in real time and will let the parents know when their child has gone a certain distance.  There will be a option to alert the local police station if a child gets lost.  What is different about this tracking device is that it uses the long range communication module also known as LoRa.  LoRa is considered much better than Wifi because of its low power consumption and a longer range for communication.  This is crucial because a typical day at the beach will last between 3-6 hours.

For those families that are looking to travel to Haeundae this summer should contact the Haeundae Beach tourist information center to be a part of this trial run.  If it is a success expect more wearables to be launched next year.

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