AI technology is in high demand and Siri was a huge step in the development of AI technology.  Siri was one of the key features of the iPhone and now Korean Internet giant Naver will announce their own version of Siri which will be in Korean sometime next year.  A voice recognition system in Korean should have been made years ago.  This goes to show that Korea is still a bit behind when it comes to AI technology.  No wonder the Korean government has been investing heavily in technologies and startups lately.

The Korean Siri will be very similar to Apple’s Siri but with the Korean language.  The data analysis and artificial intelligence technology was based on the same system used by Apple.  Most global IT companies have their own voice recognition system but they are in English which makes sense since they are looking to make their company a global company.  There simply isn’t enough data collected to create a Korean voice recognition system until now.  Naver plans to showcase their system early next year.


The Korean language is not as complex as many would believe.  Even IBM’s Watson has been learning/studying the Korean language.  However for a computer to completely master a language is very hard.  Even a supercomputer like IBM’s Watson can only speak English at a teenager’s level, which means its Korean speaking level might be very low at the moment.  Speaking a language, the way it is spoken in real life, is a very tricky thing as it is not something you can learn from a book or have it programed.

The only system that has the potential to master the Korean language is a system that is made by the operator of Korea’s largest search engine, Naver.  Naver has with them the enormous amount of data in Korea.  Currently it offers translation services and some voice recognition services in Korean.  Naver has teamed up with local language institutions to further advance their current system.  If all goes well a Korean Siri should be available by January of 2017.


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