Google is looking to make a huge impact in Korea with the Google Impact Challenge.  Google Campus Seoul opened in may of 2015 and has been a success in helping grow the Korean startup ecosystem and helping Korean startups grow global.  Then in September Google launched Google for Non-profits which enabled non-profit businesses and organizations to use Google products and services at no cost.  Then came Alpho Go in March which got a lot of attention from not only the tech media but also the general public, showing the cast improvement in AI technology which could transition into healthcare technology and robotics.  Their most recent program is the Google Impact Challenge Korea which was launched in late March.


Non profit organizations main to help as much people as possible, so what Google can bring in the technology for them to reach a wider audience.  Google is looking to challenge these non profit organizations to come up with ideas to make the world a better place.  Google will then provide $500,000 in funding to the top 4 teams.  They will also receive mentoring from some of the top Google partners as well as Google themselves.  This will be on behalf of which seeks out those are are looking to tackle the biggest problems around the world.  The have given out over $100 million in grants and over $1 billion in products.  The Google Impact Challenge has been done all over the world.  Winners included many technological projects as well as innovative projects that don’t use technology.  Now they are looking to find the next great idea from some of the best non-profit groups in Korea.


Korean startups are strong and growing, but this can also be seen in the 12,500 non-profits that are currently in Korea with thousands of volunteers that are eager to make the Korea a better place to live.  The Google Impact Challenge Korea was launched on 3/21 with applications ending on 4/29.  The top 10 ideas were chosen on 7/18.  Then from 7/18-8/21 it was put up online for the public to view and vote.  Only one will get the top 4 spot while the other 3 will be picked by judges.  So go on and vote!


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