One of the top Korean startup media platforms has gotten funding from global investors.  The funding will be used to get BeSuccess to be THE media hub for Korean startups.  The investors came from not only Asia but also the United States.  The list includes Startup X, MOCA Ventures, TheVentures, SEUM, Tokyo Founders Fund, Hardy Farm Ventures, 500 Startups, DCM Ventures, and Strong Ventures.


James Jung the founder and CEO of beSUCCESS announced recently the building of “Beginning” which will be a database of all the startups in Korea.  This will be a portal for global companies that are interested in partnering with Korean startups and vice versa.  It will also give investors access to key metrics and analysis on Korean startups.  BeSuccess is not only a media platform but also runs events and conferences with beGLOBAL.


The main goal overall of beSUCCESS is to help the Korean startup ecosystem and add value to the Korean startup community for possible global expansion.  Therefore there seems to be (at the moment) no plans for overseas expansion by beSUCCESS since they are needed in Korea at this time more than ever.

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