SeoulSpace has written about Vital Smith before when one of the biggest global leading startup accelerators called Startup Sauna picked Vital Smith to be a part of their accelerator program.  Now they have also been selected as one of four finalists of Grants4Apps Accelerator 2016.  The Grants4Apps Accelerator is an open innovation program that is hosted by Bayer, a pharmaceutical company.  The purpose is to discover and support startups and digital healthcare products.

VITAL SMITH helps commercialize medical ideas through latest technology & design. Their latest development is a solution that can help infertile women check their ovulation easily by using just their saliva and smartphone application.  Vital Smith collaborates with experts in various areas such as medical, optics, material, mechanical, electronics and works towards bringing to life the ideas of doctors through the use of technology.


The smart ovulation predictor is called ‘b bless’.  How it works is that a strip of film with the users saliva is put into the ‘b bless’ device and attached to the camera, the results can be viewed on a smartphone’s screen. Salt crystals form in the saliva, which differ during various stages of the menstrual cycle, using a smartphone camera it is possible to detect the levels of the salt crystals.


One of the key factors of Vital Smith winning a spot on the accelerator was the fact that the predictor was in the form of a lipstick which made it easy to carry around.  This is a huge win for the Korean startup because there were over 400 project ideas from over 60 counters and 170 cities that were submitted to the contest.

“Bayer is a pioneer in women’s health,” said Seok Jun-woo, CEO of Vital Smith. “With its 153 years of expertise in medical science and technology, we expect this opportunity to be of tremendous help to the development of b bless.”

Joining Vital Smith will be Oasis Websoft (health technologies)from Ghana, xbird (AI healthcare) from Germany, and an oncology AI product from Hungry.   These four winning teams will be offers office spaces at the Bayer Pharmaceutical headquarters in Berlin for the next 100 days.  During this accelerator phase they will get business and technical mentoring from various industry experts.  They will also get a chance to meet with VCs and investors from all over Europe and hopefully get some funding to turn their startup into a business.

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