This app allows easy transfers using a Transfer app without the need for Certificates and a security card, the toss app remittance transaction volume has already exceeded 1 trillion won.

On August 30th, Toss developer Viva Republica announced that the remittance transaction has exceeded 1 trillion won since the Toss Service was launched a year and a half ago.

In January of this year it was record over 100 billion won worth of transfer service remittance transactions.

Toss is characterized by compressing the existing troublesome money transfer process in Korea into only 3 steps.
Enter the recipient’s account number or contact and then enter the price and password.

Also the recipient is not required to install the application and that can be registered without limitation. This is regarded as a distinct advantage over other services.

Viva Republica is expected to be introduced next month. The functions includes unified account lookups, which can be viewed in real-time balances and transaction details of all bank account numbers in Toss.
In the future users will be able to view the account transactions of all banks that holds the service Toss all in one place.

Toss has secured many Korean domestic banks(17/19) : KB kookmin bank, Agricultural Bank, Shinhan Bank, KEB Bank and other banks. exception Citibank(Terrorism Prevention Acts) and woori bank. Among service industries they secured many bank alliances.


Viva Republica Co Ltd. develops social networking applications. It offers Toss, a mobile peer to peer (P2P) transfer and payment solution for Korean consumers and merchants. Viva Republica Co Ltd. is based in Seoul, South Korea.

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