Those that are new to Korea and don’t speak the language could have a hard time pretty much doing anything.  From ordering food to booking rooms, things could get very frustrating unless you have a friend who speaks Korean.  Well now you can get that Korean friend with Ask Ajumma.  Ask Ajumma is a virtual concierge service via Kakao for foreigners living in Korea.  Just send them a Kakao message and they will help you with anything from ordering food to booking tickets, pretty much anything else you can think of.


So how does it work?  It is very simple and the best part is that you don’t even have to download an app.  All you need is kakao talk which most people living in Korea have.

Step 1 :  Add Ask Ajumma to you Kakao friends list.  Kakao ID = askajumma

Step 2:  Text them your question or request.

Step 3:  Ask Ajumma will research the quality, price, and if they deliver.

Step 4:  They will ask for your confirmation to order it for you.

Step 5:  Ask Ajumma will then send a link to enter your payment and delivery details (Will only have to do this once!).

Step 6:  Wait for it to be delivered to you.

The best feature about this service is that you don’t have to deal with the complications of ordering from a Korean website.  Also payment on those sights can be really difficult especially if you don’t speak the language.  With Ask Ajumma once you enter your payment information as well as your delivery details, Ask Ajumma will never ask you again.  All payment processing is handled by which ensures your credit card information is secure and encrypted.  This means even Ask Ajumma won’t be able to see your credit card information.


We know what you are thinking.  I can just one of my Korean friends to help me with this stuff.  However if you keep asking your Korean friends to help you over and over again…you might not have any Korean friends left.  Ask Ajumma’s staff at fluent in English and Korean and have one of the best customer service teams.  Ask Ajumma will not only provide great service but also look out for the best deals for you!  Foreigners can feel safe to learn that they are not getting ripped off.

So how much will it cost?  Well you have two options.  Those that need help constantly then we would recommend their VIP Membership package.

185,000 KRW – Monthly Membership Fee (6 months)
200,000 KRW – Monthly Membership Fee (3 months)
250,000 KRW – Monthly Membership Fee (1 month)

This will allow unlimited food orders and unlimited reservations.  Inquiries about products and services.  Translations and interpretations (under 200 characters).  Bank transfers and payments.

However there is the option of paying per request.

Food orders – 3,000 to 5,000 KRW
Reservations – 5,000 to 10,000 KRW
Product and Service transactions – 20% service charge (includes VAT)
Courier Service – Price dependant on item/distance/time

All this will be 100% satisfaction guaranteed or else you won’t be charged.

So which plan works for you?  For those new to Korea you are going to need as much help as possible.  It might be wise to start with the monthly membership plan until you feel comfortable with living in Korea.  Then from there you could pay per transaction.  Finding a Korean friend is hard.  Finding a Korean friend like Ask Ajumma…might be priceless.

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