K-beauty is becoming very popular in the States and Asia as Korean culture is spreading like wildfire.  While most target woman, one company is looking to target men.  Swagger was founded in 2011 and have since been branding, developing, advertising, and creating various cosmetic products that were designed by a design agency.  Swagger was designed to give more men confidence by offering products for the modern man.  Their products are simple yet innovative and importantly reasonably priced.

Products are all natural with ingredients selected from Australia.  All of Swaggers products are free of Parabens which have been known to be harmful to the body.  Not only are the products natural but they have an amazing scent.  Swagger performed research on which scents women are attracted to.  All of Swagger’s scents were made from the data they received from their research.


Swaggers best sellers are their hair wax products called hair stunner wax, hair slammer pomade, and hair setter spray.  Swagger is not just known for their hair products and lotions.  They also offer a wide selection of shower fragrance gels that are 10 times more fragrant than most shower gels out in the market today.  The gels offer so much fragrance that users will no longer have the need for colognes.


Speaking of colognes, Swagger also offers another alternative in their fragrance body sprays.  It offers an alternative to the strong smell of colognes since the body sprays are much lighter which means you can spray it all over your body.  It also has a deodorizing effect which means you will no longer have the need for deodorizers.

Swagger also offers shampoos, all-in-one lotions, face cleansers, moisturizing creams, face masks, and sunscreens.  For those with thin eyebrows they offer the eyebrow maker which uses black powder to naturally fill in the eyebrows.  With their great line of products Swagger has become THE brand for men’s beauty.  Recently Swagger received $1.2 million in their latest investment round by K Cube Holdings along with other unnamed investors.

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