The demand for Korean beauty products has reached an all time high.  Countries in Asia are looking for the latest and hottest Korean beauty product trends.  Established in 2014, Korean startup B2Link distributes Korean beauty products to on/offline channels.  In their portfolio you will find over 150 Korean brands and their Asian channels are growing every month.  Korean beauty companies looking to expand outside of Korea, need to know about B2Link.  They have an in-depth knowledge of the Asia beauty market and trends.  They also have strong partnerships with OEM&ODM manufacturers.


As B2Link continues to grow and more and more Korean brands contact with B2Link, their power to attract more on/offline channels will increase.  Already B2Link has business partnerships with the top 19 on/offline channels in Asia and South East Asia.  These include,, JD worldwide, HIGO, Watsons, and other offline/online channels as seen below.


For those looking to start their own Korean brand, B2Link can be your one stop shop.  They will help you research as well as plan your design and help you with manufacturing as well as marketing.  B2Link has access to Big Data related to the Asian beauty market.  This is how they are able to find the latest beauty trends and what customers are currently looking for.  They also have good relationships with OEM and ODM manufacturers and a strong social media marketing team.  B2Link has brand partnerships with over 150 Korean brands so they know what they are doing.

b2link_partners B2Link is currently building a SCM server that will connect Asian distributors and Korean brands.  B2Link has been gathering information on market based data as well as customer reviews and has put them into the review server.  This is how they will create a big data business.  Currently there are over 90 employees at B2Link and received $5 million in funding from IBK and SK Securities Co. in February of this year.  Connecting K-Beauty products with e-commerce channels will make B2Link very powerful in the Korean beauty market and those that want to expand outside of Korea will need to go through them.

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