Recently ‘Mangoplate‘ is providing searches and recommendations for foreigners looking for restaurants in Korea. They are looking to create an English based app as well as a website.
Mangoplate has been from the beginning offered reviews and services in both English and Korean. Recently however, users have increased dramatically and in response for the increased demand from foreign tourists, it has added a new function in order to provide a more convenient service.

1)It is the features reviews/translation capabilities.
People leave honest reviews daily when they go to some place. Now those reviews can be translated into English.

2)They will also continue to provide accurate information on each restaurant in Korean and English as before.

3)The maps have been reorganized to make it easier to find your favorite restaurant by interlocking the app with apps that lets you call taxis and helps with navigation.

Meanwhile, On September 9th, Naver has entered into a business agreement with 5 start-up companies, including Mangoplate. This agreement is to connect services offered by Naver’s search platform and the start-up’s services to improve the overall quality of the service. This ‘win-win’ strategy should increase the user base for both parties.

Mangoplate is a restaurants recommendation service launched by a SparkLabs Demo Day on October 2nd, 2013.
By analyzing big data on individuals and restaurants, MangoPlate will be able to recommend a personalized restaurant for their user.

Mango plate has gotten over 8 billion won in investments.
It was also one of the first start-ups in South Korea from YJ Yahoo Japan which is Japan’s capital investment company.
They have also gotten investments from Qualcomm Ventures, and Softbank Ventures Korea.

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