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Class123 is a Class Management System by Bravepops Company that helps teachers organizing classes, conducting students’ behavior and communicating with students’ parents. The Company’s motto is to “create products, blossom children.” and was founded by a group of family fathers who wanted to support their children’s education. “We knew that we can make a great internet service, but how great would it be if it was a service our own children could use? That’s why we decided to make an internet service for children.” CEO and Co-Founder Choong Hee Lee explained on Class123’s basic idea.




The Company’s Development

The team consists of a group of Developers who has worked together over several year. Starting from Naver Corp. to Ticketmonster, the team has been working on projects together before. After having the idea about the class management service they decided to quit their jobs in 2013 and founded Bravepops Company.


“The Classroom is a place where children spend most of their time. Therefore, it is a very important place and should be well-structured. We thought that an IT service can help making the classroom into a better place.”


Since teachers are the main operators of the classroom, the company started interviewing teachers first. Just like any other school material it is up to them whether to use IT technology in classrooms or not. “Some teachers didn’t really welcome the usage of technology in class” since effective teaching is not about the teaching materials or classroom settings, but about the quality of the content taught in class. “Some teachers on the other hand really liked our idea and wanted to contribute to our service by giving ideas about feedback options, students’ reports and classroom tools.”

Before the grand launching of the service in March 2014, Class123 was able to get some recognition by big investors like Fast Track Asia, Bon Angels Venture Partners, SK Happiness Nanum Foundation and Ticketmonster (their former employer).


Expansion to the global market

After successfully launching the korean version, the company attempted to expand their audience by creating a japanese version in the beginning of 2015. The reasons for exporting to Japan were the similar culture and geographically convenient location. However, japanese teachers were rather conservative about the technology usage in classrooms. Even though Japan is a technological well-developed country there is only few to no media usage in classes and teachers would even have to get permission from local district offices or the schools’ deans.

Even though the company had no intention to enter american market in the beginning they created an english version of the service in march 2015 as english is the most common language in the global market. By launching an english version the Bravepops started online marketing on Facebook. “Using the targeting function we were able to present our product on the timeline of teachers in english speaking countries.” After receiving engaging responses the company is now focusing on developed english speaking countries, such as the US, Singapore and more.

Currently 70,000 teachers globally use the free service in their classes.


How does Class123 work?



  • Utility over content

Teachers merely need to sign up for the free service on the homepage (http://class123.ac) and start adding classes and create students avatars. It’s like setting up a digital version of the classroom where students can follow their own actions during the class. Class123 provides seating arrangement & attendance functions, analytic reports of students’ individual progress and a reward system that helps regulating students’ behavior. It enables teachers to access class records at any time and place.


  • Communication between teacher, parents and students

Class123 has separate versions for teachers, parents and students. Even though each version has different functions, it syncs and monitors the students behaviour. Parents can download the free Class123 parent version and access their child’s report card from home. That way they are able to see their kids learning progress and communicate with teachers in case of occurring behavior changes. It also helps parents following and understanding teachers instruction process. Teachers can send announcements to parents and students or receive messages from them.



  • Students’ engagement

Based on the operant conditioning theory, Class123 uses a reward system that encourages students’ engagement during class. If students behave positively their avatar gets rewarded in front of the class. This not only helps the teacher to reinforce wanted behavior, but also gives students a sense of accomplishment, pride and self-satisfaction. On the other hand, instead punishing unwanted behavior, teacher will emphasize on other students positive traits and exclude the student with bad behavior. It will motivate students to actively participate in classes and adapt their behavior in order to get their avatars rewarded and shown in front of the class. “In the past, it was important to discipline students through education, but things have changed now. Rather than disciplining, the core of education should be motivating students to learn.”


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