The mass recall of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7s has cost Samsung hundreds of millions of dollars and saw their stock plummet.  Now they have their first lawsuit since the recall.  Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7s has been blowing up and not in a good way.  We all knew it was only a matter of time before the suits started to roll in.  The first was filed in Florida by a man who says his Galaxy Note 7 exploded while it was in his pant pocket.  This caused second degree burns to his thighs as well as burns to his thumb when he went to take it out of his pocket.


The man behind the lawsuit is Jonathan Strobel.  He claims the phone exploded in his pants on September 9th.  Samsung announced their recall in early September.  However it was only yesterday that the phone was formally recalled through the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.  There are still many Samsung Galaxy Note 7s still out there and there are sure to be more lawsuits coming forward.  The lawsuit in Strobel’s case seeks damages for medical bills, suffering, and lost wages.  Samsung however will not comment on pending litigation, however they have again stressed all Note 7 users to not power their devices and exchange their phones immediately.  Phones can be swapped by visiting Samsung’s website and getting recall information.  The recall efforts have been very slow up to this point as about 85% of the phones sold are still out there.  That leaves around 850,000 units still out there with the chance of 850,000 new lawsuits!


The issue with the Galaxy Note 7s seems to be when users try to charge their phone using an old charger.  There have been 92 reports so far of the phone exploding due to overheating.  26 people have gotten burned and there are over 50 reports of property damage.  There was even a case where a phone that was being charged in the car exploded with a dog inside.  Thankfully no one or animal got injured in that incident.  Expect more lawsuits to follow and it will be interesting to see how this first lawsuit gets settled.



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