First the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 starts blowing up…literally.  Now Samsung’s biggest competitor Apple will be opening a store in Korea very soon.  What a terrible month for Samsung.  This is big news since Korea has NEVER had an Apple store but rather two certified Apple Reseller stores.  One you might recognize is called Frisbee which looks very similar to a regular Apple store in their designs as well as products and the other is called a# shop.  The prices are very competitive to Apple and there are stores all across Seoul, Daegu, Busan and Daejoen.  However when you need a part for a Mac or other apple products and Frisbee didn’t carry it, customer’s only option would be to order it online, however Apple online doesn’t ship to Korea.  So the only way for Korean customers to get their product which was not available at Frisbee locations was to order it from Apple via Frisbee stores.  Frisbee would put the order in themselves online, however this would require a Korean credit card.


Now the California-based Apple is set to launch its first flagship store in South Korea.  Samsung as well as LG can’t be happy about this.  The store will open in Sinsa-dong which is a very upscale area and in the middle of Seoul.  This would allow customers to access the store very easily.  The area will be around 500 square meters and will be about 2-3 stories high.


Apple seems to be looking to cash in on the negative press that Samsung has at the moment with their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 scandal.  As more and more customers are worried about Samsung smartphones, this is actually the perfect time for Apple to give Korean customers a second option.  So what will happen to the Apple reseller stores in Korea?  What will happen to Frisbee?  We are sure they will eventually lose some business, however since Apple is just launching one store at the moment, Frisbee should still be open until the end of the year.  However as more and more Apple stores start to spring up, Frisbee will no longer exist.  The main complaint from Apple users in Korea has been their displeasure with after sale services from these third- party agencies.  Apple looks to solve this problem and their first step is the launching of the Apple store in Sinsa.

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