There will come a point in the future when cars driven by machines will be safer for the country than cars driven by people.  Imagine a world where drivers are rested and relaxed instead of stressed and frustrated.  There will be no more concern with driving under the influence.  In Korea’s heavy drinking culture this is a major concern for drivers.  Now South Korea’s biggest messenger giant Kakao has started developing self-driving car technology in hopes to run pilot runs in less than 2 years.  The technology is not fully there yet.  Tesla the front runner in self driving car technology has seen some crashes by semiautonomous cars.  So there is still a lot of research that needs to be done but the outlook for automated driving looks promising.


Kakao which started out as a text messaging app has grown into an internet giant.  They recently launched their Kakao Taxi service as well as a navigation service called Kakao Navi.  Having Kakao Navi will be perfect for finding the safest routes for future self-driving cars.  With the launch of Kakao Taxi and Kakao Navi it seems Kakao is very serious when it comes to transportation.  Kakao has also launched Kakao Driver, Kakao Bus, and Kakao Subway.  They have been very aggressive in extending their online-to-offline services.  Kakao Taxi so far has been the most successful service.  The average daily calls on Kakao Taxi is about 1 million.  Almost all taxi drivers in Korea use Kakao Taxi.  With their success with Kakao Taxi, Kakao seems to be aiming higher, with bigger goals.  The biggest goal of all would be to dominate in the self-driving technology industry which could be the standard of driving in not only Korea but the world by 2030.

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