Most startups in Seoul already know about the TechCrunch Meetup + Pitch-off happening on October 27th.  However most might be wondering which Korean startups are participating in the pitch-off.  The pitches will be fast as each startup will only have a minute to give their pitch to a panel of judges that includes investors as well as the TechCrunch editorial team.  The winning startup will win a table in the Startup Alley at TC Disrupt London.  Second place will win two tickets to the conference and the Audience Choice winner will get one ticket.  Here are the startups that will be giving their best pitches this Thursday.

Bagel Labs


Bagel Labs is the creator of a smart tape measure that users can sync with a mobile app in order to build up data in regards to your body size as well as how your diet program is progressing.  It can also be used to purchase tailored clothes online.



CUT&CURL is a vertical service for hairstyle and makeups.  Users can log on to the mobile app and see the many trends in Korean hairstyles.  Users can then select the style they want and event book the haircut through the app.



Konolabs is the developer of Kono, an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven personal assistant scheduler.  Users create a new schedule on the scheduler app and provide details of what to do with whom for that particular appointment.  Then the app gives out three best locations at the best available time based on attendee’s preferences, locations, traffic, and availability.



Lingoland is a foreign language immersion program you can do in the comfort of your home. With Lingoland, you can roleplay with a live tutor in 6 animated scenes. In each scene, your tutor roleplays as a character in the scene.

NAMUnamu_alexNAMU is the maker of posture correcting wearable ALEX.  ALEX tracks and at the same time corrects posture.  Alex lets the user know the optimal spinel position to be in.



Rezi works hand-in-hand with students to reinvent their resumes, through resume education with a focus on optimization for modern hiring technologies (Applicant Tracking Systems). This is the family of software hiring managers use to identify and select the best qualified job candidates in Korea.



Soomgo is service that provides a lesson matching platform where clients can searches for the type, area, time, price of the lesson, and within 24 hours, professionals that match the criteria can make an offer for the particular lesson to the client. This can apply to all kinds of lessons from language tutors to fitness trainers to even musical lessons.


Symaps uses a geo-localization approach to asses big data in regards to population segments, income levels, etc to predict consumer interest in certain products.  Symaps can be used as a self-service platform for businesses that are looking for the best sports to open their business.



Zungle are the creators of Zungle Panther Sunglasses that have built in bone conduction speakers and a mic.  Users can listen to music as well as make calls with their sunglasses.  No additional earphones or headphones are required.

Make sure to be at the TC Meetup + Pitch-off and give your support for these Korean startups looking to make their dream a reality.

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