Silicon Valley is the place to be for any up and coming startup wanting to make it.  On November 3rd of this year, 25 of the top Korean startups will be heading to Silicon Valley for the 2016 K-Global Silicon Valley Startup Pitch Event at Levi’s Stadium.  For most of these Korean startups it will be their first time at Silicon Valley and will be a great opportunity to impress global leading VCs, entrepreneurs, investors and possible future partners.

These Korean startups were chosen based on their potential for growth and preparedness to go to the next phase of development.  All 25 are great startups but we feel these 10 have the best to truly stand out and establish themselves as a possible long lasting company.



IMSV provides professionals, institutions and businesses the ability to create highly immersive and interactive virtual reality that can be shared with the world on their simple and easy cloud platform.  With VR being such a hot industry, IMSV Cloud could lead to increased engagement, quality leads and higher conversion rates.   This will be a great platform for users and businesses to share their stories in a very immersive way.  Users can create, edit, and share on this end to end virtual reality cloud platform.

Innovative Play Lab 


Innovative Play Lab is a Korean robotic startup that is looking to create an innovative user experience service platform.  They are the creators of iJINI a robotic personal assistant robot.  iJINI is capable of auto charging, auto driving, and does wake up calls based on sound direction.  It has voice recognition technology, image recognition, and motion recognition to help with smart dialogue.  It can act as a lifestyle information provider by giving information on the weather, latest news, and even recipes.  It can be great for making schedules as well as a video/call messaging device.  Most of all it will have a variety of emotional expressions based on the user’s touch pattern which will be great for playing songs and telling stories to children.



MoreDream is the company behind FAST System which is an innovative keyboard system for mobile phones and small devices like TV remote controls that allow users to type Arabic, Farsi and Urdu easily, accurately and quickly, without typos. Will give allow for accurate typing with large keypad buttons which will be 3 times bigger than the conventional QWERTY system.  The Fast System will be very easy to learn with a few minutes of tutorial sessions.  With over 380 million Arabic speakers in the world, this is a much-needed solution.



Innomdlelab is the creator of Sgnl which is a smart-watch strap that lets users answer phone calls with just their fingertips.  All the user does is place their finger to their ear.  The smart-watch strap is compatible with smart watches like the Apple Watch and the Pebble Watch.  This will allow for a very private call between the caller and the receiver.  This will turn common analog watches into smart watches!  The body conduction technology that it uses can transmit sound through the body.    This is a groundbreaking technology that can evolve to new and innovative ideas.  The potential here will most definitely not end with Sgnl.


BLH Aqua Technology 


BLH Aqua Technology is the creators of Aqutonix which is an agricultural water treatment device that will greatly improve the ability of crops to better absorb water and nutrients by adjusting the characteristics of water molecules.  By doing this crops will grow faster, stronger, and be resistant to germs.  Unlike their competitors, Aqutonix affects all kinds of crops regardless of water and soil characteristics.  Installation is simple and uses very little energy (10W).  This is a great eco-friendly product that takes out artificial ingredients.  It can be applied to all water supply points such as houses, apartments, and factories.



NextAeon was mentioned on Seoul Space for the top 10 Korean startups of 2015 and they have continued to grow.   They incorporate virtual reality into the real estate market by offering easy and affordable VR solutions to help real estate agents sell their houses faster and much quicker.  NextAeon deals with 3D photograph and 360-degree video solutions.  IMSV provides a smartphone-based VR kit, app and cloud to create, edit and share 360-degree virtual tours so that buyers can experience what it would be like to live in their future home.  This could revolutionize the real estate industry since buyers can see ten times as many homes without driving from one location to the next.




Taggle is unlike most photo-tagging apps as it proves a very different user experience that is fun, easy to use, and new.  Taggle does not automatically tag photos and requires the user to use their own tag words which will make it easier to remember.  This gives the user total control in regards to how their pictures will be stored.  For personal photos that contain different situations and emotions, automatic tags will not be able to tag them correctly.  So Taggle offers manual tagging that is fast and easy.  They use the newest technology and UX, it might take a few days to get familiar with but it will make organizing your gallery a whole log easier in the future.



Infosonic is the creators of Sonic Wallet which is a mobile wallet application for customers that are using the ultrasonic wave which Infosonic already invented.  Payment is made easy by using finger scan authentication.  This one touch financial service is possible because of the current speaker technology on all smartphones as well as the use of sound waves.  The days of using a barcode reader could be over.  Now users do not need to install each banking app to use the payment service because users can use all bank payments with Sonic Wallet.



PopPay is a Smart Payment company that puts customers first.  Not only do they provide a secure and fast payment service but they also add in plenty of great benefits.  How does it work?  Sellers enter the amount needed to be paid and the customer enters their PIN and then they get a receipt.  It is that simple.  The device/gadget is a high-frequency sound based gadget that sends its ID and parameters to a customer’s smartphone.  Once received the customers and see the details on their smartphone before they pay.  Customers then get coupons and airline miles just for using the PopPay system.



Tutoring created an application to provide an on-demand mobile English learning service. The core idea of Tutoring’s service was first born with a mind for those who want to learn how to speak English with qualified tutors in the most convenient way possible.  Users can have real time one on one tutoring whenever and wherever.  There are a wide range of topics to choose from as well as qualified and highly rated tutors.

These 10 Korean startups are who SeoulSpace will be watching very closely in November however there are 15 other great startups looking to give great pitches to a panel of famous judges that include Steve Edelman of Nexus Partners, Perry Ha or Draper Athena, Gideon Marks of Metapacket, Adam Pluemer of KIC, and Crispin Read of Shumumble.  There will also be a panel session comprised of experts in the startup field.  This event is considered the most exciting and largest Korean startup event in Silicon Valley and the main focus will be to build partnerships between Korean startups and the U.S.

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    Thanks for introducing great-potential-having Korean startups! Hope to read an in-depth interview of each company next time 🙂

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