The Choi Scandal that has rocked Korea has also rocked the Korean startup ecosystem.  Many startups are considering finding new office spaces and other streams of funding.  However, news has come out that the Seoul Global Center is looking for new and innovative businesses for its startup incubation offices located in Jongno and Coex.  This is good news for the Korean startup industry as the government’s position to encourage entrepreneurship still seems to be one of their top priorities.

Having access to free office space will be crucial for new businesses.  The Seoul Global Center building located in Jongno will be offering four free spaces which will be a shared office space.  As far as the Coex location, there will be two individual small offices which will be located in the Gangnam Global Business Center.


To get these free office spaces, Korean startups will need to apply by going to visit  The application deadline will be Monday.  If accepted, Korean startups will be able to use the office spaces for six months from Jan. 2 to June 30th.

So what do applicants need to qualify?

  1.  valid visa to start a business
  2. never applied before
  3. valid business plan
  4. be in an industry foreign nationals are not legally barred from

Even if you have an office space, it won’t harm your company to have locations in Coex or Jongno.  So apply now!

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