With the influx of tourists coming into Korea, especially from China, Korea has found a solution to increase the revenue from these tourists by a very creative idea.  The idea is a service that allows tourists to rent clothes right at the airport so that they will have more space in the luggage for products.

When you think about it the majority of your luggage is dominated by clothes.  Many tourists limit their purchases based on how much space they have to spare.  To increase revenue the Incheon International Airport Corp launched a clothes-sharing service called “Seinustar” located at the passenger terminal.


How does the service work?  Foreigners visiting Korea can go to Seinustar and rent garments which will allow them to travel to Korea with a lighter luggage.  Tourists will need to visit the Seinustar website (www.seinustar.com) and make reservations and then will be able to get their clothes after they land.  Seinustar will be located on the 1st floor gate #13.  A deposit will be required when the tourists pick up the clothes and that deposit will be refunded once the garments are returned.

How much will it cost?  That will be different for every customer as prices will range depending on the garment.  There is also a special “Hanbok” (Korean traditional Clothes) rental.  The available clothes will be the latest in Korean fashion centered around fashion found in popular Korean drams, music, and film.

If this is a success and more and more tourists use this service.  The next step will be to allow renters to have the option to buy the clothes.  This therefore should increase the revenue Korea will get from future tourists as well as provide another outlet for brands to introduce their products to foreigners.

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