TechCrunch’s Disrupt London is happening Dec 5-6th and it is highly recommended that Korean startups be there.  While TechCrunch was in Seoul for the pitch competition, they were able to see some of the up and coming startups in Korea.  Konolabs, an AI-powered scheduling assistant took home the top prize which is a table at the Startup Alley at TC Disrupt London.  Second place Daebaki also got two tickets to the conference.  So we know these two startups will be there for sure, but who else will join them?


It can be expensive for a team of 3-4 to take a few days off to go to the conference in London.  Plane tickets alone could run your company over 4 million won ($4,000) and that is not taking into hotel rooms and travel costs.  So all in all your company could be spending over $5,000 at the minimum for this event.  So will it be worth it?

The answer to that question for Korean startups should be “of course”!  TechCrunch offers a program called CrunchMatch where investors and founders are matched up to have private meetings on site.  The matches are done based on company and investor profiles.  Where on earth do you get a chance to meet so many investors from all across the world?  This alone should be worth the $5,000 investment.  We are not even taking into account the great networking possibilities at the event.


The startups at TechCrunch events are usually the cream of the crop.  TechCrunch goes all over the world to get the best startups.  In total there should be over 300 startups at the event.  A great chance to form partnerships and make friends.

The two-day Disrupt conference will be held at the Olympic Village’s Copper Box Arena and features Startup Alley and Startup Battlefield consisting of 12 startups where one startup will win £30,000.

For Korean startups looking to go global, TechCrunch Disrupt London will be highly beneficial.

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