Korean Startup Miso is a home cleaning service has big plans after their $2.7 million seed from Silicon Valley investors and Y Combinator.  Miso allows customers to have next day cleaning services through their app and website.  The home cleaning service in South Korea alone is a $5 billion market.  Miso’s plan is to expand in Korea as much as possible.  Miso has signed up over 1,000 cleaners servicing cities all across Korea.

What separates Miso from other home cleaning services is their speed and freedom.  Speed in that services can be booked a day before and freedom in that cleaners do not have to report to a call center (saving time/money).

With the seed funding they received, Miso has focused on creating a friendlier interface as well as more cleaning sessions.  Another plan is to implement a same-day booking option.  The same day booking option will create more opportunities for their cleaner which will increase their bookings.

Their main competition is WaHome at the moment and it will be interesting to see which of the two will come out on top.  Both are available in the main cities like Seoul, Incheon, and Busan, but the key might be the smaller cities in between.

However, Miso has even bigger goals.  With the $2.7 million dollar funding they are planning to go to new markets outside of South Korea.  Many suspect Miso will test the Southeast Asian market to start and if that is successful branch out into the United States, starting with the bigger denser cities like Chicago.

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