From December to February, Cisco will be doing a Virtual Hackathon all across the Asia-Pacific.  The purpose of this hackathon is to integrate Cisco technology into apps and projects designed by teams from Australia, Japan, and South Korea by February 16th.  The French company BeMyApp will be the functional team leader for this hackathon .

Korean startups will now be able to bring to life their projects and ideas by using Cisco technologies.  This two month virtual hackathon should give Korean startups plenty of time to implement Cisco technologies into their app.  This is not only open to Korean startups but programmers, coders, and others that are interested in the the $5,000 prize for Korea, with a chance at the $10,000 Grand Prize (Total $15,000).  However, your team should include at least one designer, one developer, and one idea generator. So what are the Cisco technologies available to use?


Tropo makes it easy to automate communications.  It connects your code to the phone network with both voice and messaging.  Tropo’s cloud API can bring real-time communications to apps.   This will make it easy to create an application that makes and receives phone calls, uses voice recognition, or communicate via text messages.  You can also create multi-party conference lines and have all your calls transcribed into text.

2) Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark makes it easy to stay in sync with your team and customers.  Spark allows conversations to take place in a virtual meeting room.  These rooms can exist for a short period of time or be a permanent fixture for your team.  Conversations can flow easily between video calls, messages, and real-time whiteboarding sessions.  Getting content in and out of Spark couldn’t be easier.  You will also be able to invite people and search for people in the company.  Best of all your team can get notified in real-time when new messages are posted by others.

3) Cisco DevNet

DexNet is a community of infrastructure developers and hardcore hackers working together to build the best solutions for their customers.  This is a great place for developers and hackers to come together and share their ideas and projects.  DevNet was created to build up Cisco’s developer ecosystem with a focus on delivering programmable networks for the cloud and mobile era.

The great aspect about Cisco’s Hackathon is that programmers, coders, and hackers can be coached and trained by Cisco technologies experts along the way.  This will be a great way for Korean startups, programmers, etc to gain exposure for your company/yourself and your app.  This could lead to potential business opportunities.  Winners will be publicized by Cisco’s media partners for maximum global exposure.

Registration is open. Cisco Virtual Hackathon Asia-Pacific registration starts from November 15, 2016, to December 15, 2017. The actual event runs from December 1st to January 31st.  The winner is announced on February 6, 2017.

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