KAIST (The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) will be having a two-day job, exhibition, tech forum, startup conference in Daejeon.  Daejeon is located in the center of South Korea about 50 minutes when taking the KTX bullet train.  The conference is aimed to support and assist programs for potential Korean startups.

The conference is called 2017 JETS and it will begin Thursday and end Friday.  For young entrepreneurs that are looking to start their own startup business, this is the place to be.  The Korean government is supporting these conferences in hopes of growing the economy and creating new jobs.  Universities are now starting to run more and more assistance programs by providing conferences and consultations for students that are interested in becoming entrepreneurs.

Many jobs in Korea are created by companies less than a year old.  This shows that in Korea, entrepreneurs and innovation are the driving forces in regards to enconomic growth.  New businesses come from ideas and a majority of these ideas come from college students looking to start a business.  Universities are where future business leaders get their first big idea.  The problem with many Korean entrepreneurs is that they just don’t know how to get their ideas off the ground.  Korea needs to encourage the pursuit of these ideas and foster the growth of new businesses.  More and more Korean university students would rather pursue their own ideas than find a job for conglomerates like Samsung or LG.  Korea needs to start thinking of universities as an “idea incubator”.  They need to shift their teaching from just lecturing to students and giving standardized tests to fostering ideas and encouraging them to purpose those ideas.  Many will not make it, but failure can lead to success because the lessons they will learn will be very valuable moving forward.

The conference will try to sell the role of universities in creating new industries and cultivting a sustainable business environment.  Once at the conference, potential entrepreneurs can attend exhibitions for newly created businesses and products.  They are also attend lectures and get free consultations on how entrepreneurship works and how to start their own business from the ground up.  This will be a great opportunity to try to get sponsors and investors as well as join accelerator programs and incubator programs.  2017 JET conference can also help new companies with resources to assist them in perfecting their business plans, find investors and employees to start and grow their business.  KAIST looks to make Universities in Korea more of a place where good ideas become a reality.


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