Korean cosmetics is becoming a global phenomenon.  The competition to have the latest and trendiest items is fierce.  Which is why it is refreshing to see a relatively new beauty startup find great success.  AprilSkin has grown a lot since 2015.  It first started off as a content-based multichannel network and now it has a brand of its own.  Now they will have to compete against Korean cosmetics brands such as TONYMOLY, Skinfood, Missha, and etc.  AprilSkin got off to a strong start thanks to its debut product called Magic Stone Soap which sold over 2 million units in just under two years.

The Magic Stone soap was so popular in Korea that there were many youtube videos showing how effective it was in removing makeup.  The soap is all natural and effective and very popular with teens.  It works as a cleanser but also a face treatment.  This has allowed AprilSkin to get the recognition it needed right off the bat.  Now they have five stores all across Korea and have distribution in some of Korea’s largest cosmetics franchises.  2016 was a great year for AprilSkin with estimated sales of over $35 million.  They estimate over $90 million in 2017 which means they have the potential to almost triple their sales this year.  So AprilSkin could contend for the title of the biggest K-Cosmetics brand by 2020.

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