Korean travel startup Withinnovation get over $118 million in bookings in 2016.  That accounts to over 30,000 accommodations by over 1.8 million monthly active users.  Withinnovation’s book app is called Yeogieottae which translate to “how about here” in Korean, is now the top free travel app on Google Play.

The younger generation has embraced Yeogieottae which has become the #1 Korean accommodation O2O market.  To continue to target the younger market, Withinnovation has started to look into the integration of VR, AI, and IoT for a more in-depth travel experience.

The travel company has expanded to over 150 employees who work around the clock to find the best lodging and tour accommodations that offer the best deals and discounts.  What is great about the app is how quickly users can make a reservation while at the same time accumulating points.  Withinnovation has been so successful that through the Small and Medium Hotel Innovation Project, the received the “Minister of the Future Minister of Digital Management Innovation Award”.

They now hold the number one market share in the industry and continues to contribute to the local industry development through innovation.  It will be interesting to see how well they will be able to incorporate VR and AI into their system.

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