Ever since the Cold War, the tensions between North Korea and South Korea has been extremely high.  As South Korea embraced new technologies like the internet, there has been strong efforts to stop cyber attacks, especially by North Korea.  The Korean government has always embraced strong cybersecurity companies.  SEWorks was founded by hackers and security pros that wanted to give app developers a full security system so they can focus on building their own products.  SEWorks is a five-time DEFCON finalist and the company’s goal is to ensure that mobile apps are safe from dangerous hacking threats that have the potential to destroy intellectual property and put at risk sensitive user information.

SEWorks has a cloud-based security solution app called AppSolid which was launched in March.  It is a powerful and comprehensive mobile app security solution that protects developers from hacking threats by having a binary level of obfuscation and encryption to prevent unauthorized duplication or modification of mobile apps by outside parties.  They also have Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) features that stop memory hacking and app tampering.  Security status can be monitored in real-time and has a kill switch option to give power back to the app developers.

Apps are at risk with security solutions that only protect devices or data.  SEWorks feel security solutions should address all levels within the application.  This is why SEWorks offers multiple layers of app security.  SEWorks has a team of hackers who know how a hacker thinks and acts.  Since their launch in 2013, they have been considered world class in regards to security solutions for mobile applications.  They currently hold offices in Seoul and San Francisco and have already raised over $10 million from investors such as Softbank Ventures Korea, Samsung Ventures, and Qualcomm Ventures.

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