Koreans have a problem with posture.  Many Koreans work in offices in front of computers and the younger teen generation is in front of computers in P.C. rooms or at home playing the latest online games.  All this sitting and slouching can lead to terrible posture.  There are a lot of smart wearables that deal with correcting bad posture but Korean startup Zikto‘s Smartwatch might be the best of them all.

Zikto has developed a wrist-based sensor that monitors the users walking posture.  It measures the users swing speed, the rotation angle in relation to gravity, and transferred vibration from one foot to another.  The smartwatch is so smart that it can detect if the user is using their phone or have their hands in their pocket.  The smartwatch sends a light and gentle reminder to your wrist while at the same time collecting data and sending to your smartphone app called Zikto Walk App for review.  Therefore it analyzes the user’s natural walking movements and sends reminders if an imbalance is detected.  An imbalance can be phone gazing, hunching, slouching, or abnormally slow pacing.  The smartwatch is called Arki and it got a lot of attention on Kickstarter when it raised over $160,000 won in 2014.

Since 2014 Zikto has gone into health care as they have partnered with insurance companies, hospitals, and health officials to find ways to use wearable technology in the health care industry.  Currently, Zikto is valued at $15 million as does an estimated $1 million in revenue per year.

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