A small Korean startup named Dot is looking to make a huge difference in the visually impaired community that is estimated to be over 230 million worldwide.  Dot is considered to be the first braille smartwatch and has won many awards such as the Grand LIA for Design Award.  The patented Dot technology reduces the size, weight, and price by more than 10 times compared to other digital braille devices.  Dot is truly a smartwatch as it can provide fast access to information easily and privately.  Since the Dot API is open, any developer can create apps or services for Dot.  There is already developments for apps for braille education, social networking, news feeds, weather updates, navigation, and much more.

Dot is connected via Bluetooth which can receive information such as texts and notifications.  Dot also has the typical watch functions such as the time, a timer, alarm, stopwatch, and even an accelerometer.  The material it is made from is super light and durable aluminum and the battery itself lasts for 7 hours.  The current price is a reasonable $290.  So far over 60,000 Dots have already been preordered.  Dot is already creating new devices with their patent such as the Dot Mini for developing countries and a Dot Pad.

DOT was developed with a close partnership with Braille education institutes all over the world, in order to deliver a final product that fits the actual needs of the visually impaired community.

Now it is ready to go global in 2017.  The team has been hard at work making the design perfect.  They will launch in London early this year.  Dot as of 2017 is valued at $21 million and if the launch in London is a success this could be a $200 million dollar company by 2020.

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