The frenzy of Pokemon Go has long died down.  Last week it finally arrived in Korea.  The issue was related to Niantic the gaming company behind Pokemon Go not having access to the service data due to safety grounds.  So they decided to use public access data to work around the issue.  Now Koreans are starting to download the game and are out hunting for Pokemons.  Pokemon Go is an AR game that has users catch Pokemon in the real world through the game app.  However, will Koreans embrace Pokemon Go?  Koreans love games, especially mobile games, but Pokemon Go does have features that might keep Koreans away.

The biggest issue with Pokemon Go is that it eats up battery life.  Since Pokemon Go uses your camera as well as GPS, phones battery life will be quickly drained.  For a society that relies on smartphones for day to day life, this could be a big problem.  Also, it is inevitable that an accident or even death will occur with Pokemon Go in Korea.  Social Media will be ablaze with posts and tweets about the many situations where someone got hurt or died while playing the game.  This was an issue in the United States and will be an issue in Korea as well.  Safety issues will arise and could lead to the government stepping in.

Since Pokemon Go was the first true AR game to hit it big…it is only naturally that something else will come and beat it, in regards to gameplay and quality.  Gameplay and quality are very important to Korean gamers who are considered one of the world’s most hardcore players in the world.  The annual average “spend per pay” gamer is among the highest in the world.

This is not a true launch of Pokemon as diehard Pokemon fans have been playing Pokemon Go in remote parts of Korea like Sokcho.  There were even tour and travel packages for Sokcho promoting Pokemon Go.  So the hype is not as high as it was back then.  However, the potential is still there for local businesses and restaurants in Korea to use Pokemon Go attract customers.  So if Pokemon Go is a success, there is money to be made.

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