K-Beauty is not only hot in Asia but also is becoming a hot trend in America and there are no signs of it slowing down.  In 2017 Korean beauty products are more accessible than ever thanks to the internet.  Exports of K-Beauty products to America has increased by 500% over the last five years.  This makes the United States the 3rd largest importer of K-Beauty.  K-Beauty has been covered in Vogue and Elle, but more importantly, passionate westerners are creating beauty blogs pushing the amazing qualities of these products.  Korea is coming out with new products not only weekly but daily focusing on Asian skin.  So why have Americans embraced this new line of products that are meant for the Asian complexion?

It seems that Westerners are tired of the heavy makeup and contour styles that western beauty brands bring.  The cake layered look is being left behind for the more natural look of the K-Beauty products.  K-Beauty also focuses on health and skincare.  Their products focus on moisturizing and renewing the skin using chemical free, natural ingredients.  For example, some ingredients you might find in K-Beauty products are yuza, yeast, aloe vera, and snail, just to name a few.  More and more Americans are realizing that the tan and smokey look of the past is not healthy for the skin, so they are moving to another alternative.

Another aspect of K-Beauty westerners like is the branding of the K-Beauty products.  It is very cute and easy on the eyes.  Best of all it is very affordable.  So customers feel they get a quality product for a reasonable price.  Many American beauty companies look to Korea’s largest cosmetics company Amorepacific to find the latest in innovation focusing first on skincare above all else.  K-Beauty created the 8-10 step routine which can be time-consuming but can work wonders on your skin.

There are no signs of K-Beauty products dying down anytime soon because it seems that the trend towards a lighter smoother skin is not dying.  As Korean beauty continues to create new products every week, it will be hard for American beauty brands to keep up, which means they will themselves have to adapt.

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