If anyone knows the marvel character Wolverine, you know that he has adamantium forcibly fused onto his bones which make him almost indestructible.  Korean biomed Startup Kang & Park Medical takes a page off of Wolverine by developing a new generation implant called SPINElant-RF.  Those that are suffering from spinal pain might now have some relief without a long surgery process and free from long recovery times.

SPINELant is a spacer implant for the spine for flexibility without causing damage.  For those that have damaged/unstable spines or SPINElant-RF acts as a dynamic stabilizer that can last a lifetime.  This will be a new generation of implants that are made from superplastic materials called Wrought Titanium Nickel Shape Memory Alloy.  This is an alloy that “remembers” its original shape and can be returned to its original shape.  The material is strong yet lightweight.  Shape-memory alloys such as Titanium Nickel are not only used in the fields of biomedicine but also have applications in robotics, aerospace, automotive industries.

These new kinds of implants are just the start.  Kang & Park Medical are looking into other areas of medicine such as dentistry, oncology, and other surgeries not just the spine.  Once they finish their clinical research, they will be able to test their implants in clinical trials.  They have already written and published many findings in science journals and feel very confident their implant will work.


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