Koreans love to have their food delivered to their home.  What is not to like?  You don’t have to go out, you don’t have to cook, and most importantly you don’t have to do the dishes!  Koreans really do have food delivery down to a science. Whether you want some Korean Kimchi Jjigae or just plain American McDonalds, it doesn’t matter, most restaurants in Korea deliever to your door thanks to food delivery services.  There are two popular delivery apps in South Korea that are battling it out to be the #1 food delivery service.  Both have gotten large investments (over $50 million).  The apps are Yogiyo and Baedal Minjok which can be found on IOS and Android.  Seoul Space gave both a try to see which is the best app!


Both are very similar when it comes to registration and inputting information.  However, Yogiyo has less steps than Baedal and offers a blue dot the user can drag to their home address location.  BaeDal does not have this option, they require the exact address.

Edge:  Yogiyo

Food Pictures 

Yogiyo has real food pictures in the front so the user can see what they are ordering.  Baedal has decided to go more for animation using cute drawings of food on their front page.  Wouldn’t you rather see the real picture?

Edge:  Yogiyo 


Both Yogiyo and Baedal Minjok have a large selection of restaurants to choose from using GPS so the restaurants will be near your area.  Both offer restaurant information as well as ratings by other users.

Edge:  Tie 


UI (User Interface) 

Yogiyo is a bit confusing to understand.  There is a lot of information (mostly in Korean) and not enough pictures to help users understand.  Baedal Minjok is easy to understand even if you can’t read Korean.  The main dish of the restaurant is at the top of the screen.  Visually, Baedal Minjok is just cleaner.

Edge:  Baedal Minjok


The Yogiyo payment system is very simple.  Just add your address and check all the terms and conditions boxes.  There are two options for payment, cash or credit.  Click on the bottom red button and your order is complete.  Baedal Minjok has a few more steps involved.  First, you need to decide whether to order or add to your cart.  The address input and box checking is the same but Baedal Minjok offers three forms of payment, credit, by phone, or via kakaopay.  There is no button for cash.

Edge:  Yogiyo

The winner is clear.  Yogiyo overall is much easier to use and with their 24-hour service, it really is a must have app.  Baedal Minjok is better on the eyes but the app in meant for easy food delivery and overall Yogiyo seems to provide the better service.  However, there has been talk that Baedal Minjok will look to deploy their own AI assistant to help users pick menus and meals.  The AI program will be able to speak and understand Korean.  Baedal Minjok dominates the mobile food delivery market but Yogiyo is not far behind.  With the launch of this AI feature, Baedal Minjok has a real shot of running away with the market share.

Winner:  Yogiyo

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