Lean Startup workshop has  announcement their 4th Industrial Revolution workshop.  They will introduce innovative business startup methods that Silicon Valley startups as well as Fortune 500 companies can use to create future innovative projects.  By understanding and utilizing lean startup methods and utilizing it as a growth engine for their company, they will be able to find better business methods moving forward.  

The Lean Startup Workshop’s purpose to is find new business methods for development in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution.  The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us, this technological revolution will change the way we work, live, and communicate with each other.  The 1st Industrial Revolution involved water and steam power, the 2nd involved electricity, the 3rd involved the digital world, now the 4th revolution is here and it is evolving at a rate that no one ever predicted.  There will be massive change when it comes to production, management, and research.  

With billions of people connected all over the world by mobile devices and the internet, the emerging technological breakthroughs in the 4th Industrial Revolution will be massive.  Breakthroughs in AI, IoT, robotics, drones, big data, autonomous vehicles, 3-D printing, bio-tech, fin-tech, nano-tech, and cloud computing just to name a few.  Hopefully through these innovations and advancement in technology, the quality of life will rise and increase efficiency.  Life has ever been easier from booking tickets to making payments, most things now can be done remotely.

So how will businesses react in this ever changing space?  Businesses and startups will be looking for the latest new business success techniques.  This is why Korean startup need to go to this Lean Startup workshop in order to learn about the many successful cases of companies like GeForce, Groupphone, and Drop Box.

Learning these lean startup strategies will help for short term and cost efficient product developments and startups that are based on customer needs.  Clear lean startups are definitely a faster, cost-effective, field-focused way to succeed in new business.

The workshop will be about studying the best global business methods for early entrepreneurs and new businesses.  It will focus on cases of startups that started in Silicon Valley, including Fortune 500 companies as well as the innovative methodology used by over 2,200 teams.  In the end through the workshop, business will be able to create a customer value oriented business model that is effective in finding new growth engines.  This can be applied directly to the initial enterprise, new business, as well as new product development.  Having the ability to develop basic knowledge of how to apply a customer-oriented business model is crucial.  The same goes for understanding key processes and techniques, real-life experiences and applying them directly to the project.

 ▶ Target Audience

1. New project planning and development departments. 

2. If you are interested in introducing the clean start-up process and key methodologies.

 3. Those who need to strengthen their corporate capabilities and enhance their professionalism through the start-up process.

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