With news recently that Facebook was now partnering with 10 South Korean startups in the VR/AR industry.  Google has come out in support of Korean startups that need cloud services, by offering free cloud services for 10 media startups in Korea.  The Korean startups will be offered the Google Cloud Platform free of charge for a whole year.  The Google Cloud Platform is a cloud computing service by Google that provides hosting on the same infrastructure as Google Search and Youtube.  This allows developers to build a variety of websites and applications.  Korean startups will be able to manage and develop using the tools provided by the Google Cloud Platform.  They will also have access to big data, computing, storage, and networking services.

Along with the free access to the Google Cloud Platform, Google will also provide the Spark Package, which is a $20,000 credit that can be used on the platform.  As well as one-on-one tech sessions with engineers, a 24-hour call service, and G-Suite use free of charge for a year.  Those that qualify are startups that have had their service for at least three months and do at least three articles a week can apply on the registration page until April 28th.  Those that will be selecting the media startups will be Google Campus Seoul as well as Google Korea’s media innovation team.  They will be responsible for reviewing the applicants and selecting the winner by May 15th.  Those that are selected will have access to the Spark Package in June.Those that are interested can fill out the application here.

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