How do you choose the best K-Beauty brands in Korea?  You have to first look at their wide selections and then look at quality.  We here at Seoul Space are focusing more on the quality of the products than the sales.  Korean beauty products have become very popular not only in Asia but also in the United States.  The buzz and hype around Korean K-Beauty brand’s innovative formulas and cute packaging are not dying anytime soon.  China’s recent stop on K-Beauty coming into China because of Korea’s installment of THAAD, has Chinese people looking for other ways to get their hands on K-Beauty products.  For those that never heard of K-Beauty brands then this is the perfect place to start.  Here are the top 10 Best K-Beauty Brands in South Korea.

10)  Belif 

Belif cracked the top 10 beating out 3CE, Missha, Laneige, Too Cool for School, Caolion, and many others because of their flagship product, The True Cream – Moisturizing Bomb.  It is a 5 in 1 cream that truly is a one stop shop in regards to creams.  It provides moisture for over 24 hours.  This leaves your skin feeling less greasy because it soaks into the skin very quickly.  The ingredients are all natural and include comfrey leaf which is the main ingredient in giving the cream that much moisture.  It retails on Amazon for $37.

They also offer a skin care Peel Off Mask that turns into a sticky gel that peels off in layers of strings.  This is supposed to removed dead skins cells so it is advised to not do the mask too often.  This brand is not super well known but it has a strong cult following.  Most reviews online for Belif products are very positive.  Look for Belif to rise up the rankings after another success year in 2017.

9)  Nature Republic

Nature Republic was founded in 2009 and focused on using natural products.  Their main ingredient in most of their products are, aloe vera, shea butter, and argan oil.   Nature Republic’s Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream was a huge success in Korea.  It incorporated a lot of sea ingredients such as deep sea minerals, chlorella, and seaweed/plankton.  However, their #1 product has to be the Aloe Vera 92% soothing Gel.  This product is great for men and women and is perfect for the summer.  It can be applied anywhere on the body and does not leave the skin sticky.  It is great for soothing and cooling the skin, especially if your skin has been damaged by heat or irritation.  When entering Nature Republic stores, this product will most likely be displayed at the front.

8)  Tony Moly 

If you are looking for cute packaging and strange ingredients, South Korean K-Beauty Brand Tony Moly is for you!  It has been around for over a decade and their products range from creams to masks, to lip gloss, and much more.  Some of the top products include their Peach Punch Sherbet Cleansing Balm which is used to dissolve the makeup or sunscreen from the face and the Petit Bunny Gloss Bar which is lip gloss that has the right amount of tint and moisturizing characteristics.  However, Tony Moly gets a lot of press for their cool sheet masks.  It is fun, cheap, but most of all offer great results.

7)  Hera 

Hera is named after the Greek Goddess of women and marriage.  It is one of the brands under the skincare company Amorepacific.  It is becoming a real player in the K-beauty industry.  They are praised for their advanced technology (Cell-Bio) and innovation since their launch in 1995.  At the moment Hera is a strong leader in the Chinese market.  Some of their best sellers include the UV Mist Cushion, the Rouge Holic, and their lip products.  They are the creators of Seoulista who is supposed to represent confident and passionate women and the future trend leader who values inner beauty.  Some of their spokeswomen include Shin Min Ah and Jun Ji Hyun.

6)  Innisfree

Innisfree has a large variety of products which are all highly reviewed.  Another brand under Amorepacific, Innisfree can be found in many stores across Korea.  They have great sheet masks, the most famous being it’s Real Squeeze Sheet Masks.  They also provide fancier sheet masks including their Second Skin Masks and Hydrogel Masks.  Innisfree also focuses a lot on blackheads and pore removal.  Their most famous product might be the Jeju Volcanic products that use the volcanic minerals to clear out blackheads.  Innisfree is great because they target not just women but also men.  Their male products are very popular and effective.  Innisfree has Lee Min Ho has their male spokesmodel.  Basic skin essentials are what Innisfree focuses on.  They use great ingredients that are natural like Green Tea to create Green Tea Seed Serums and Green Tea Seed Creams.

5)  Dr. Jart+

All of Dr. Jart+ products are tested by a group of expert dermatologists to make sure it is safe for skins of all types.  Dr. Jart+ is a K-Beauty Brand that is targeted for the global market.  Many of the directions and instructions are in English and changes its products to suit each region it is being sold in.  Dr. Jart+ is mainly known for their creams as well as their foams.  Dr. Jart BB “Blemish Balm” creams are one of the most popular creams in the United States.  Some of their best BB creams are the Dis A Pore, Premium, Black Label, Radiance, and Silver Label.  They not only act as a blemish balm cream but also have sun blockers to protect against UVA and UVB rays.  If you are looking for the best creams you will usually find it at Dr. Jart+.

4)  Skin Food 

Skin Food’s products are comprised of skin care, makeup, and hair products.  They are known for using a lot of fruits and vegetables in their ingredients.  Some of their famous products include the Aloe Sun BB Cream, Coffee Body Scrubs, and the Black Sugar Mask Wash-Off to just name a few.  Their packages are very cute and at first glance could be mistaken for food containers.  Most of their products are targeted for the global market with English being the main language.  Best of all their products are very reasonably priced.  By using so much food as their ingredient, they are pushing the idea that good food will result in a good skin.  Their toners, moisturizers, and serums smell amazing as well as do the job.  Their best seller is probably the Black Sugar Mask which works as a scrub and a mask.  It is filled with minerals and vitamins and the smell of brown sugar is wonderful.  It is supposed to exfoliate the skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

3)  Banila Co. 

The biggest surprise on the rankings is Banila Co.  This K-Beauty brand might be the hottest brand out there at the moment.  This is thanks to their hit product Clean It Zero.  It is a sherbet type of cleansing balm that is used to remove dirt, oil, and makeup without leaving any grease or drying the skin.  Most Koreans have Clean It Zero and the reviews online are all positive.  It has become an award-winning makeup remover that is great for sensitive skin.  Clean It Zero comes with a spatula and the design is very simple.  Clean It Zero’s success was so great that it moved Banilo Co. to the top 3.

2)  Etude House 

Etude House has it all.  They are known for having great products related to BB Creams, lip tints, eyeshadows, nail polish, and m more.  They are known for their cute princess like styles that women love.  The have stores all over Asia and are sponsored by some of the biggest Kpop stars.  Those that are looking for that classic porcelain look, then Etude House is the place for you.  They most famous product is by far the Mineral Any Cushion which is at the top when it comes to BB Creams.  What is great about this cream is that users can reapply it throughout the day without having to bring a mirror or a sponge.  Once you use it all you just buy another one.  Etude House also has a wide variety of lip tints with many different formulas.  They are more moisturizing than other competitors.

1) Sulwhasoo 

Sulwhasoo, is our choice for the best K-Beauty brand in Korea.  They are known for using ancient herbal based ingredients.  The brand is known for being 100% paraben free and only using the most natural processes to make sure the impact of the ingredients last.  It is mainly designed for Asian skin in cooler weather.  It is considered a luxury skincare brand compared to the others and the prices can be expensive.  However, you get what you paid for.  Their most famous product is the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX.  Their use of ginseng and its many positive qualities is what separates Sulwhasoo from the rest.  Ginseng in Korea is looked at as a medical plant which is good for the body.  So in theory, it should be good for the skin as well.  So they spent a lot of time and money on research to fine how the ginseng plant can benefit the skin.  Sulwhasoo calls this GinsenomicsTM which is  the study of the plant from the root to its flower.  What they found was that Ginseng had many powerful antiaging properties.


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    nice article…since korea has so much beauty brand, people will always wonder which one is the best. isn’t cosrx is one of the top brand too??

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